Badlabecques Release Referendum Anthem

Pouor lé fèrre-pliaie et l'progrès, votez A!

So Badlabecques has joined the A Team! We've have recorded a song to help drum up interest in the Jersey Referendum, promote debate, and highlight the importance of fairness and democracy in our island.

Follow the link to hear the song > The Option A Anthem (Proud To Be A Bean) by Badlabecques

One from the archive...

Here's version of 'God Bless The Child' from 2010, performed with legendary bass player Herbie Flowers, the wonderful Malcolm Mortimore on drums, and the genius that is Mark Edwards on piano; at the Ropetackle Theatre, Shoreham. What a privilege!

Song For 'Love Plémont' Campaign *UPDATE


On 13/12/12 The States Of Jersey voted against buying the headland and returning it to nature, by 24 votes to 25. The land is now due for residential development by Plemont Estates Ltd.

Statement from Badlabecques:

J'sommes au m'sespére pouor Pliémont! We're gutted about Plemont! :( Lots of love to everyone who worked so hard to protect our precious coastline, especially The National Trust for Jersey. Let's hope the battle has at least raised the consciousness of our environment enough to make sure Jersey doesn't make the same mistakes again...

Click here to buy the song and help recoup the costs of the campaign.

My new project: Badlabecques!

So it looks like I'm staying in Jersey for a little while...

Badlabecques are my brand new Jersey-based 8 piece pop folk band who sing in our indigenous language - Jèrriais. Founded by yours truly in collaboration with L'Office de Jèrriais, we are attempting to breathe new life into traditional folk songs with upbeat pop and folk influences from around the world. It's exciting, quirky, danceable Jèrriais magic!

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